Vegan Pancakes Mar15

Vegan Pancakes

Dairy free vegan pancakes that are delicious, light & fluffy.

Pistachio Pesto Mar12

Pistachio Pesto

Easy home made pistachio pesto with basil and spinach

Mongolian Tofu Mar11

Mongolian Tofu

Fried tofu strips in a sticky mongolian sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Salad Mar01

Teriyaki Chicken Salad

Served with a fresh and spicy indonesian salad

Pancetta wrapped chicken Feb26

Pancetta wrapped chicken

Stuffed with chroizo, parsley, sun dried tomatoes and mozarella cheese

Vegetable Samosas Feb19

Vegetable Samosas

Fluffy indian vegetable samosas made with Filo pastry

Madeleine Cakes Feb17

Madeleine Cakes

creamy soft cakes, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee

Red Velvet Cake Feb15

Red Velvet Cake

A rich bright red cake made with chocolate, red food colouring and cream cheese icing.

Red Pepper & Coconut Pasta Feb05

Red Pepper & Coconut Pasta

Chicken Pasta with a creamy red pepper and coconut sauce

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